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Custom Homes

Renovating homes in Toronto is a challenge!  From optimizing small lots, lowering basements, or bringing the infrastructure up to current building code, our team can help you achieve your goals and maximize your home's potential.  


Looking to renovate the interior of your home to make it a more enjoyable experience?  We are experts at kitchens and bathrooms!  Whether you have a small bungalow and are looking to add a second floor or a house in need of a serious makeover, our design team can create a solution that increases the value of your investment.  


Flipping or Selling?  Did you know that curb appeal can add 15% value to your home's selling price?  Choosing the right kitchen cabinets can determine whether your home sells in a week or several months.  Let our design team help you priortize wisely and garner the best price possible in today's marketplace.  



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