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Our Team



As the Director of Strategic Planning of Urban Retreat Homes, I consistently seek orginal solutions that fit both the client budget and style.   

I developed Urban Retreat Homes as part of my practice, because I saw a need to provide a better experience for clients during the renovation/new build process.  Striving to help relieve the stress of the homeowner, I utilize skills honed during my years in commercial design and construction.  


My current work includes architectural and planning strategy, design, programming, scenario development, financial modeling and conceptual design.  Additionally, I teach part time at Ryerson University at the School of Interior Design, The Chang School of Continuing Education and write for RENO & DECOR magazine.  I am also the editor of Ontario Design Source Guide.      


I focus on developing realistic budgets for clients, designing concepts that work torward those budgets and delivering the best possible design and construction services for cients.  Whether you are building a new home, renovating or flipping/selling your home, I can help.  By priorizing items that have the best return on investment, I can help you spend your money wisely.  


From the very first meeting to the photo shoot at the end of the project, I am with you every step of the way!  Let's create your Urban Retreat Home together.  








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